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The Lazy Cat's ever increasing list of paid online survey sites will allow you to earn money online and get paid for your opinion by completing paying online surveys! You can be paid for filling out questionnaires, earn cash testing websites, be rewarded for watching movie trailers and more - there is even a site here which pays you to eat! If you can complete online paid surveys in a questionnaire format then you can earn money for your opinion, it's that simple. Some paid surveys pay cash, others reward with prize draw and sweepstakes entries, others will earn you online/offline vouchers and gift certificates or send you free products. All the paid surveys, polls, focus groups, mystery shopping sites etc. listed here will reward your participation in some way and for such little effort it's the easiest way to earn online!

This is the paid surveys homepage. Our 10 favourite(i.e. the busiest and, in our opinion, the best paying) paid for market research sites are listed below. Be sure to check out the other sections of the site though as there are currently over 75 other survey sites here, many of which we use ourselves and believe to be worth checking out.

The Best Paid Surveys Online

American Consumer Opinion Panel

Open worldwide. ACOP emails out screener questionaires for its paid surveys and selects the most suitable candidates from those answers returned. If you are successful, you can expect to earn around $4-$25 per survey depending upon its length and sometimes more. Everyone who fills in a set of screener questions which are sent out before every survey is automatically entered for a prize draw and ALL members, regardless of whether they complete any surveys or not, are entered into a monthly prize draw for $250. The surveys I have received so far from these guys have averaged out at around $10 each for a 15 minute survey - that's $40 an hour! Can you earn that anywhere else online? ACOP are one of the best and highest paying survey sites. Go there or read a more detailed user review here!

GoZing paid surveys worldwide availability

GoZing is an active paid survey company which pays for your opinions on upcoming movie trailers! They pay $4 for each trailer viewed and reviewed, either transfering the money to you via PayPal or emailing you Amazon vouchers. Despite looking like a mobile phone retailer on first glance when you visit the site directly you will find can access the online surveys through a link at the bottom of their homepage. I've had quite a few invites from this site so they are definitely worth checking out as those $4 rewards mount up quickly! Recently they have diversified into sending out paid consumer opinion surveys paying up to $25 each as well. Go there or read more here!

NFO World Group

US Only. NFO(National Family Opinion) is a very professional US market research company which has been in existence since 1946 and has been offering paid surveys online since 1995. Their on line panel is open to anyone over the age of 14 from the contiguous 48 states and everyone who registers, regardless of whether they take any surveys or not, will automatically be entered into their regular $10,000 sweepstakes. Additional entries are also gained for every day you log in to your account. Survey invites at NFO are frequent and are rewarded with points which can then be either be exchanged for cash once you reach 1000 points(sent by check) or entered into their raffles, exchanged for merchandise or donated to charity. Currently you can earn up to 1500 points(equivalent to $15) per survey and every day one registered member is also selected to win 10,000 points($100) just for being a member! Note:You must complete the profile survey which comes with your welcome email to be fully registered at NFO! Go there or read more here!

Survey Savvy

Open to members worldwide. Survey Savvy is a division of Luth Research which as been in opertation for 25 years and claims to have payed out over $8,065,161 to its members. Members of Survey Savvy's online survey panel get paid when they complete a survey which typically takes 10-15 minutes, or when one of their referred friends takes a survey and all who take a survey each month are automatically entered into an additional prize draw as well! They recently sent me a panelist survey valued at $100(or 75 to UK residents) followed by another worth $40 around fours weeks later so this one is definitely worth checking out. Go There!

Global Test Market

An American survey site which is open to internet users worldwide. Members are emailed paying survey opportunities periodically and earn points for their participation dependant upon the length of the survey and how useful the answers are to the company. Typically, you earn around 100 points per average survey(although you can earn more and occasionally less) and can cash out once you reach 1000 points which equates to $50. I find they send me a couple of surveys a month, sometimes more, sometimes less which generally lets me cash out approximately every 6 months. You can also earn an extra 20 bonus points for every friend you refer. Go There! or read a more detailed user review here!


Open worldwide. E-poll wants your opinions on a variety of issues, for which they will give you points which can then be used in their shop to exchange for CDs, computer games or gift certificates. 2500 points is the minimum cash in level and as you get 500 points just for signing up it's not hard at all to reach it! Of course, the more points you have, the better the items are/higher the cash amount you can swap them for is. As well as filling in their short paid surveys for points you can also gain more by referring friends and family to the site...although right now, they are revamping their referral scheme so you'll just have to keep checking back for when that section of the site returns! Go There!


This UK based site typically sends me around 2-3 paying surveys a month. Rewards so far have ranged from 50p from a very short one on chewing gum to £15 for a focus group study on popular music. Ciao also allows its members to express their written opinions on products they have used, places they've been, books, movies, music etc. for further rewards and you don't have to wait for an invitation to get involved with that section. Simply check out their product directory, find something you want to write about and away you go, it's that simple! I tend to earn around £10-£20 a month here(more from actually writing reviews than taking surveys it has to be said) but there is also a friendly international community at Ciao which can be just as rewarding in other ways. There are also French, German and Spanish Ciao sites, the links to which can be found at the bottom of the UK homepage. Go there or read a more detailed user review here!

Lightspeed Consumer Panel

An international paid survey site open to residents of the United States(surveys in both Spanish and English), Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands, with a French and German site to come soon. Lightspeed will only send you a few paid surveys in my experience but each month they hold a series of prize draws for all registered members who have either completed paid surveys invitations, mini-polls or screener surveys which in themselves are worth being a part of. The top prize in the USA is $5,000 for instance, whilst in the UK the top prize may only be £250 but it is one of 101 prizes dished out to active panelists each month. Some surveys earn you entries into the prize draw, other larger studies will reward you directly with cash or gift certificates for your time. Go There!

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